Paradise on sale

25 hectares of land next to the road in the town of Muna. Easy access on the Mundo Maya freeway, only 45 min. from downtown Merida. The driveway provides suitable access even for the most delicate vehicle.

This place is meant for romance and leisure. The property includes acres of exotic tropical gardens that nurture plants for selling and permit breeding of European red deer either for enjoyment or selling. A wide collection of more than 30 different varieties of Bamboo from all over the world, a collection of palms from remote places and also more than 40 different species of heliconias and ginger whose cut flowers are highly appreciated in both the local and more distant markets.

The property has an extensive modern irrigation system, while still conserving and using the old water channels, pools and water tank from the old artesian well.

This property is urban, not rural, with high added value and all the modern services: telephone, Internet, Satellite TV, and cell phone reception.

The town of Muna has 12,000 inhabitants, several supermarkets, pharmacies, a hospital, market, and churches for at least 10 different denominations. It is very close to the famous Mayan site of Uxmal with luxury hotels, restaurants and international level bars. A new golf course is under construction in a nearby Hacienda, only 15 min away. Muna is in the center of the richest land in the Yucatan with Mayan vestiges from the classic and early classic period of Mayan history scattered everywhere around it. Some places near to Muna are Oxkintoc, Ahtunkeh, Labna, Sayil, Xlapac, Loltun, Chacmultun, and more.

Main House

  • Main bedroom with huge bathroom, tub, shower, and spacious sun terrace
  • A second bedroom with bathroom
  • Living-dining room with high ceilings
  • Kitchen, food pantry, refrigerator and stove
  • Everything made from tropical precious hardwood
  • Enormous covered terrace with old French tiles and walls with antique carved stones
  • Sun terrace with clay floors, benches, a roomy plunge pool for refreshing dips, a fountain with aquatic plants and turtles and many flowerpots
  • Two-car garage covered with old French tile roof

Guest house

  • Large terrace with old French tile roof and room for one car under the carport
  • Living-dining room with high ceilings
  • Bedroom with view to the nursery
  • Back terrace with wood and French tile roof

Pool and Small house

  • Enormous infinity pool fed from a natural spring
  • Terrace and dressing room made with wood and French tile roof
  • Pool surrounded by flowers and jungle (completely private, but with a view of the garden)
  • Comfortable staircase to the house

Old Artesian Well

  • Old well with "boca de noria" style. Submerged water pump to fill the pool and water the exotic plants
  • 10,000 lt. Water tank

Warehouse and Nursery zone

  • Huge modern warehouse with great possibilities to be renovated as another house
  • Terrace for the nursery
  • Compost zone

Guard/caretaker house

  • Traditional mayan-style house with kitchen and bathroom for the caretaker's family.

Deer Zone

  • Fenced delimited space with feeder and water dispenser
  • 20 European red deer of high quality stock, perfectly acclimatized
  • Bungalow-style house with stables. Possibility to become rooms if you transfer deer to a different location.


  • 3 hectares with selected tropical grass for feeding the deer.

Big water pump and irrigation system

  • 10 HP Stainless steel water pump in a deep well
  • Watering with two 100 Nelson canyons, with 7 valves
  • 7 canyons with 1" valves
  • Micro-aspersion irrigating system on the bamboo and heliconias


  • Exotic tropical plants
  • Bamboo plantations
  • Variety of tropical fruit trees
  • Ornamental plants nursery
  • And palms variety

Price: US $996,000