to Merida Properties, where we only sell real estate that we have hand-picked for quality and value. We have prepared these properties so you can move in, build or renovate right away!

We know how overwhelming it can be to see house after house, each one dirtier and more dilapidated than the next. Sure, one might have great mosaico floors and another beautiful archways. But how do you decide when you can’t see past the dirt and jungle? We are born Yucatecans who have lived, worked and traveled around the world. We know the neighborhoods and building practices of the Yucatan, and we also know what has real potential and what is a ruin that will cost a fortune to renovate.

We created Merida Properties to bring you the benefit of our experience and to make your job of choosing a property in the Yucatan that much easier.

We don’t have a lot of properties, but what we have are the best! Our properties are all clean and painted. They have been chosen for their good locations, good structure, good original elements (tile, wood, doors & windows) and for their value. If you want to add rooms or renovate existing rooms, we can recommend experienced and licensed architects who know the local building practices.

If you are looking for something really special, click here to see photos of a special property in the town of Muna and read about this unique offering south of Merida. The house in Muna has all the modern comforts, including telephone and DSL, as well as a spring-fed swimming pool, extensive gardens and acres and acres of undeveloped land surrounding it. Properties like this don't come along very often!

Find out more about us and why we are so different, or just Contact Us to see some of our hand-picked properties.